Darkest Fears Haunted House

About Us

We are a home based haunt who loves to provide the best scare in town. We have grown from a small prop setup on our front porch to now having 4 complete haunted houses. We pride ourselves on giving every customer a few "OH S***" moments. Stop by and check us out we are sure we can scare you too.

Our Attractions

Meadowbrook Asylum

Although it has been closed down for years, some of the residents refuse to leave. Some call them crazy, insane, even a little cannibalistic. They are always looking for visitors to stay permanently.

Big Top Terror

Everyone remembers going to the circus as a kid. Big top will remind you of those childhood memories. Once you step inside all of that will change.

The Infected Wasteland

No one is sure how it all started. Some are changing, some are not, but everyone wants it to stop. Hopefully you can make it thru without becoming INFECTED.

The Backwoods Butcher Shed

Stop by the Butcher Shed and see what Cletus and the boys have on special today. It's always something new with this backwoods clan. Maybe you will be lucky enough to not be on tomorrows menu.

Location & Directions

Darkest Fears is located at 4364 NE 140th Pl Anthony, Fl 32617